At RCC, we want to see every follower of Jesus fully equipped to pursue all that God has called them to be and do. To accomplish this, we believe that biblical study and Christian training are “cruxial” in developing Christ-shaped lives. With this in mind, we have crafted a curriculum featuring six core classes designed to give you a strong foundation for fully participating in the life and mission of the Church. Beyond this core curriculum, we also offer select classes to further edify and empower your life and service in Christ.

Core Classes

Understanding the Bible General.jpg

Understanding the Bible

This is a four-week study series aimed at providing a clear picture of the kind of book we are dealing with when we read the Bible. Did the Bible just drop out of Heaven? Should we approach each book of the Bible like every other? How can a 21st century American understand these ancient near-eastern writings? Join this class to discover answers to these questions and more!

Next Class: TBD


Understanding the Old Testament

An overarching study of the Old Testament that strengthens our grasp of the narrative of God's redemptive mission from the beginning

Current: 5PM Sundays with Pastor Scott

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Understanding the New Testament

An overarching study of the New Testament that helps us understand how Christ fulfills the Old Testament and how the early Church answered Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations.

Next Class: January 2020

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Gospel 101

If someone asked you, “What is the Gospel?” how would you respond? This class aims to saturate our minds in the Gospel narrative, both for our own benefit and to prepare us to share the good news with our neighbors.

Current: Led by Pastor Tom, “Podclass Edition”

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Sharing Your Faith

You know the Gospel, but are you ready to share it? This class sets out to remove fear from the equation and to equip us to share our faith with others in our everyday life.

Next Class: January 2020

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Defending Your Faith

Does Christianity have answers for the tough questions? What response can we offer to critics of the faith? This class takes up the tough questions and provides training in the skills needed to graciously engage critics.

Next Class: March 2020

Select Classes

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